We’re Hikari Calyx Tech, an organization formed with enthusiasts of Nokia & Microsoft.

Unofficial Bootloader Unlock

HMD Global, the licensee of Nokia phones is unwilling to unlock the bootloader for Nokia branded phones from beginning. We want the freedom of customizing our phone, even though it could be risky.

Legacy Windows Phone Development

Windows Phone was a great OS with pretty smooth experience, but lack of software library unlike Windows on PCs. Here we have Windows 10 Mobile offline update project to resurrect the phone.

Windows 10 based Live USB Environment

We want to bring a fresh new PC maintenance experience to Windows users, and let them stay away from bloats. So we created Hikari PE Project. It’s a multilingual project now.


Global Conversion

This service mainly install Global Release OS (Android One Pure Android) your Nokia phones imported from China.

Do you feel the OS of your Nokia phone disgusting? We can help!

Factory Image Download

FIH-Firmware Site is what we mainly provide HMD Nokia Android smartphone firmware or factory image downloads.

We can try our best to provide firmware downloads.

MapleStory China Introduction

The founder of Hikari Calyx Tech is also a Mapler from China.

To help maplers outside Mainland China understand the situation of MapleStory in China, we introduced our individual channel “Hikari Calyx’s MapleStory Journey”.

What Our customers say

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