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Front Page Unlock

Why to bootloader unlock?

Unlike other developer friendly brands, HMD Global seems unwilling to unlock many other popular models, such as Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 6.1 Plus (X6).
After bootloader unlocked, we can dig the full potential of our device, regardless of warranty.

Stable Firmware Flashing

We know HMD Nokia phones sold in China are the cheapest around the world, resellers will export them to any other countries around the world.
To make sure it will 100% identical to Global release, we can also provide stable flashing solution for every models.

Who we are?

We are Nokia fans that focused on hardcore part of Nokia / Microsoft phones.
And yes, we can also try out best to obtain prototype devices without sacrificing the career of employees.
Since nobody started to hack and customize HMD Nokia phones, developers need us.

We don't process unlock for Nokia 8.
Please visit Nokia Phones website for unlocking request officially.

Here's our statistics about unlock requests in 2018.

Sharp Aquos Smartphones nowadays are also made by FIH Mobile, we also counted them into our statistics.
In 2018, we unlocked 1,400 HMD Nokia and Sharp Aquos Android Phones bootloader.

We believe this result will give as much pressure as we can to HMD Global to make their devices open and developer friendly.

Nokia 8 Sirocco
Nokia 7
Sharp Aquos S2 (C10)
Nokia 6.1 Plus (X6)
Nokia 7 Plus

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