FIH Android Phone Firmware Download

This page provides firmware for your phone.

It’s still under construction and most of info are untranslated and unavailable.

If you can read Chinese and download from Baidu Netdisk, click here

TO DO: Moving firmware to OneDrive for Business.

Will finish migration within a month.

How to browse and download:
Just click the model name and check the firmware you want to download, that’s it.

Nokia 1

FRT-039G-0-00WW-B02 FRT Global Initial Release

Nokia 2

E1M-037C-0-00WW-B02 E1M Global
E1M-064Q-0-00WW-B01 (Exploit) E1M Global Android 7.1.1 July 2018 Update (Homebrew, Bootloader Exploit Enabled)
Nokia 2.1 E2M Missing

Nokia 3

NE1-147I-ind-0-00WW-B02 NE1 India Android 7.0 Initial
NE1-147C-UAE-0-00WW-B01 NE1 United Arab Emirates Android 7.0 Initial
NE1-215H-0-00WW-B02 NE1 Global Android 7.1 December 2017 Update

Nokia 3.1 ES2 Missing

Nokia 5

ND1-3320-0-00WW-A02 ND1 Global
ND1-3700-0-00WW-B03 ND1 Global November 2017 Update

Nokia 5.1 CO2 Missing

Nokia X5 (5.1 Plus)

PDA-021G-0-00CN-B07 PDA China Initial
PDA-101D-0-00WW-B02 (HCT_fih_PDA-101D_Global_Conversion.7z)

Nokia 6

D1C-331A-0-00CN-A01 D1C China Android 7.1.1 July 2017
PLE-3320-0-00WW-A02 PLE MENA
D1C-331H-0-00CN-B01 D1C China Android 7.1.1 January 2018 (Homebrew)
D1C-562C-0-00WW-B01 (Exploit) D1C Hong Kong / Taiwan (TA-1003) Android 8.1 August 2018 Update (Homebrew, Bootloader Exploit Enabled)
D1C-562F-0-00CN-B01 (Exploit) D1C China (TA-1000) Android 8.1 November 2018 Update (Homebrew, Bootloader Exploit Enabled)

Nokia 6.1 (Nokia 6 2nd Generation)

To TA-1054 users: Do not install Global Variant firmware on it or you’ll brick your device to non-recoverable state.
If you did, the only solution is to disassemble the phone, short two specific points to trigger the phone to qualcomm edl mode.

PL2-064D-0-00CN-B05 PL2 China Android 7.1.1 November 2017 Update
PL2-222E-0-00WW-B02 PL2 Global Android 8.1.0 July 2018 Update

Nokia X6 (6.1 Plus)

DRG-221F-0-00CN-B03 DRG China Initial Release
DRG-229E-0-00CN-B01 DRG China Android 8.1.0 July 2018 Update
DRG-229D-0-00WW-B01 DRG Global Android 8.1.0 June 2018 Update

Nokia 7

C1N-0430-0-00CN-B05 C1N China Android 7.1 October 2017 Update
C1N-127C-0-00CN-B02 C1N China Android 8.0 January 2018 Update

Nokia 7 Plus
B2N-132E-0-00WW-B07 TA-1046 Global Android 8.0.0 March 2018 Update
B2N-132E-0-00CN-B08 TA-1062 China Android 8.0.0 March 2018 Update
B2N-213B-0-00WW-B05 TA-1046 Global Android 8.1.0 May 2018 Update
B2N-213C-0-00CN-B04 TA-1062 China Android 8.1.0 May 2018 Update

Nokia 8

NB1-303A-0-00WW-B01 NB1 Global Android 7.1 July 2017 Update
NB1-309A-0-00WW-B01 NB1 Global Android 7.1 October 2018 Update
NB1-435J-0-00WW-B01 NB1 Global Android 8.0 December 2017 Update
NB1-484A-0-00WW-B01 NB1 Global Android 8.1 March 2018 Update
NB1-488B-0-00WW-B04 NB1 Global Android 8.1 June 2018 Update

Nokia 8 Sirocco

A1N-311C-0-00CN-B01 A1N China Android 8.1 May 2018 Update
A1N-310E-0-00WW-B01 A1N Global Android 8.1 May 2018 Update (Ntool ONLY! )

Sharp Aquos S2
SS2-135J-0-00CN-B01 SS2 China Android 7.1 January 2018 Update (SDM630)
SAT-127N-0-00CN-B01 SAT China Android 7.1 August 2017 Update (SDM660)

Sharp Z3
VN3-1280-0-00CN-B01 VN3 China Android 7.1 October 2017 Update

Special thanks:
Expand in DOSPY forum for Nokia 7 Plus firmware upload
Narender Singh in XDA for Nokia X5, X6 and 7 firmware upload
cdytze for Nokia 6 firmware upload
Heineken_78 from XDA for Sharp Aquos firmware creation
Daniel Rodriguez in XDA for majority of firmware upload