Free Bootloader Unlock event has ended. Thank you for participating!
For better reading experience, please read this article on PC or tablet.

5 years has passed since the triplecolor company released their very first Android smartphone, and we know many users want their phones’ bootloader unlocked for free of charge.

Back then, we had to buy a tool known as NTool (now renamed into Easy Box Nokia Tool) usage access from GSM world (here it means phone repair service), and it had been used for bootloader unlock, OS downgrade, OS conversion and carrier unlock in many years. Since using it requires consume credits, we had to charge customers as well.

And since March 2021, we finally understood how service permission granting from early models manufactured by FIH Mobile works (which requires buying internal server access too, unfortunately), thus retired the usage of NTool and moved most of our services into own platform.

And then, we’ve moved our bootloader unlock method into an unified tool package, and we called it “HCTSW Care UU4”. HCTSW means “Hikari Calyx Tech SoftWare” and “UU” means “Unlock Utility”. Customers can request the service anytime, anywhere even if they come from a completely different timezone.

Today, we’re excited to announce it will become free of charge temporarily in a limited time.

Availability Date

May 1, 2022 0:00 AM (UTC) – May 10, 2022 11:59 PM (UTC)

Allowed Countries and Regions

All, including China mainland, Hong Kong S.A.R., Macau S.A.R. and Taiwan.

Daily Usage Quota

100 requests per day, quota will be reset after 0 AM (UTC) even if it didn’t use up.

Supported Models

You can check if your phone is listed below by pressing Ctrl+F (Windows / Linux) or Command+F (macOS).

Other unlisted models are either have existing bootloader unlock method available for free of charge or unsupported by UU4 yet, and users who possess these unlisted models cannot participate the promotional event.

Other Requirements to customers

You need to have a PC to request this service. macOS is unsupported yet.

For Windows, the minimal OS on your PC is Windows 7 Service Pack 1, but we strongly recommend you to use Windows 10 or newer for this service. Your PC need to stay connected to Internet for communicating to our API Server.

For Linux, any actively-maintaining modern distros with package manager should work. We could guarantee it will work under Ubuntu LTS builds (e.g. 22.04 Jammy JellyFish).

Please make sure the IP address you’re using isn’t listed in AbuseIPDB database.

If you’re using phones equipped with MediaTek SoC, make sure you didn’t erase the serial number into 0123456789ABCDEF. This phone is unsupported by our API server.

OK I should meet all the requirements. How to request?

To get started, press the button below.

We strongly recommend you to open this website under incognito window. Please select “Free (Limited Offer!)” in Service Option to participate the promotional event, then click “Request Now”.

Of course you can still choose “Normal Service (Requires Payment)” if you think paying is fine and you’re willing to support us.

Make sure you have provided valid Email as you’ll need to contact us with the Email.

In Device Type textbox, you’ll need to input the model name you see inside of “About Phone”. For Nokia phones, it should be displayed like TA-1000. For Sharp phones, it should be displayed like FS8010 or SH-Z01.

In IMEI1 and IMEI2 textbox, you need to input the IMEI found by dialing *#06#. If it returns empty, then your phone has corrupted NVRAM and probably corrupted Serial Number, therefore you cannot participate this event.

In Serial Number (SN) textbox, you’ll need to input the Product Serial Number or Serial you find in Device and Hardware, ADB commands or *#*#227#*#* command. It’s case sensitive and please input it carefully. If you provided wrong Serial Number due to typos, UU4 will fail to find your order. Please contact us immediately when this happens.

If you’re not sure how to input FIH Build Version, please click “Where it is? ” so you’ll know how to provide info here.

When it’s done, you can proceed to bootloader unlock procedure.


  • To prevent the promotional event being abused, we reserve rights of revoking participant’s request if we suspect someone has an abuse attempt. 
  • Make sure you have followed our social media accounts as we may announce when the event will be held next time.
  • Hikari Calyx Tech reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.