Hikari PE Changelog (English)

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X64 64-bit

Hikari PE V8.50 EN Changelog

  • Build version update to 20348.169
  • Now REFS 3.7 partitions can be read
  • Dism updated to 22000.1
  • Edgeless Plugin loading procedure optimized
  • Display settings – DPI configuration enabled
  • Keyboard layout options – you can change your keyboard layout for most of European languages
  • Support of displaying Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters implemented
  • Change PECMD tray icon into “8.5”
  • If PENetwork loaded, your computer name will be HiPEV850-???+++ (random 3 characters and random 3 numbers, e.g. HiPEV850-AQZ132)
  • Integrated I2C GPIO drivers for PCs equipped with Intel Tiger Lake-based CPU
  • Integrated VMD drivers for PCs equipped with Intel Tiger Lake-based CPU (Does not support ES)
  • Update overall icons to Windows 11 design
  • Update DiskGenius to
  • Update AOMEI Partition Assistant to 9.1
  • Update VirtualHere Client to 5.1.5
  • Update WinNTSetup to 4.6.2
  • Added guidance of getting BitLocker Recovery Key
  • Added WinFR (Windows File Recovery)
  • Added GPT Fdisk (GDISK). You can run it by executing “gdisk \\.\PhysicalDrive0” under command prompt
  • Edgeless Plugin: Update Microsoft Edge to 90.0.818.39
  • Edgeless Plugin: Awesun added into Remote Control Suite

Hikari PE V8.0 EN Changelog

  • V8.0 Initial Release

Hakurei PE V6.4 EN Changelog

  • V6.4 Initial Release