Nokia 9 PureView Return to China Service


To users from Mainland China: Please read this to know how to place order

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To use this service, I need to remote control your PC, and your PC need to have Windows 7 or newer running.
If you don’t have a Windows PC, you can perform it under virtual machine – you needn’t to activate Windows actually.

If you want me to do remote flashing, please do following procedure.

You must contact me on Telegram before paying.

You should use at least Windows Vista Service Pack 2 or newer (including Windows 7 Service Pack 1), and Windows 10 Version 1809 is strongly recommended.

If you’re an user of macOS/Linux distro, please try it on virtual machine with Windows installed. You needn’t to activate it actually.

1. Download NTool and install drivers

Download NTool from following website:

To prevent from reverse engineering, this tool is protected by proprietary shell, so it will be marked as trojan by Windows Defender / MSE. Please close Real Time protection temporarily before downloading and extracting, and add it to whitelist on your Antivirus App.

If you don’t trust it, please run it on your virtual machine without Addon (Like VMware Tools) installed.

Extract it and double-click setup.exe in Drivers directory.
You can skip driver installation if you’ve installed OST LA.

2. Pre-Test

Please click IDENTIFY and connect your powered off phone to PC.
If you can see output result like the picture below, then pre-testing succeed.

If you can only see “CONNECTION ERROR”, please use another PC or do it on virtual machine.

Please ensure the pre-test pass before paying.

3. Install Remote Desktop App

We recommend AnyDesk or Sunlogin for remote desktop control.

Because TeamViewer GmbH cooperates with CJ Marketing that make the remote control experience terrible.

4. Download firmware

You can download required firmware from .

5. Start!

Pay and find me for the remote procedure when you’re ready for everything mentioned above.

Please contact me in Telegram once you paid, and I’ll start the procedure.


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