Direct bootloader unlock service for eligible Nokia and Sharp Phones

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This service is discontinued. To request bootloader unlock, Visit here

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For macOS / Linux users…

Our unlock service is now updated to UU4, however the macOS / Linux version isn’t done yet. Please stand by until further notice.

Meanwhile please install Windows VM for using this service.

Before you request this service…

please click following button to join our Telegram Group:

To prevent this group being spammed, it’s protected by Captcha Bot. Please answer Captcha Challenge once you join.

So why price reduced again?

We have updated our bootloader unlock method for all existing FIH-made Nokia Android Phones again, and the price has reduced to $6. After we finished our own flash tool, the product police from triple-color company has resigned. Therefore, I think it would be the best opportunity for promoting our updated service.

Does this service requires remote operation?

Not anymore. You can request unlock if you own one of these along with your Nokia phone:

  • Windows PC (x86/x64/ARM64 are all supported)
  • Linux machine (Any mainline distros are acceptable, including Raspberry Pi, Chrome OS)
  • Mac
  • Another Android phone (any brand, any model that supports OTG and latest Google Chrome web browser are OK)

We put users’ privacy at first priority, thus we don’t need any remote operation – you can require remote operation anyway if you want and possible.

What’s the OS requirement of these host devices I need to use?


  • Architecture: x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit), basically any generic PC with Intel or AMD CPU.
  • Minimal OS Version: Windows 10 Build 10586 or newer
  • ARM64 is now supported (e.g. Surface Pro X, ASUS NovaGo), but needs to install our proprietary driver.

Linux distro and macOS users

  • Any architecture that still active are acceptable (e.g. amd64, armhf, arm64)
  • For Linux distro, it should have a package manager (e.g. apt, dnf, pacman)
  • Need to have following dependencies installed:
    gawk, grep, xxd, base64, python3, android-platform-tools, pyadb
    For pyadb, it can be installed via this command:

    python3 -m pip install adb
  • For ChromeOS users, Crostini is required
  • For macOS users, if you’re unfamiliar with terminal, then your macOS need to have android-platform-tools and Google Chrome installed

Another Android device

It’s OK to use another Android device for accepting this service, once it meets following conditions:

  • It can use OTG, which means you can connect another USB device to the Android device
  • It can run Google Chrome (at least version 78) web browser. Other web browsers are untested
  • You need to use another IM to chat and receive the file, and you can locate the file easily when you get the file


7 reviews for Direct bootloader unlock service for eligible Nokia and Sharp Phones

  1. Ивайло Янков (verified owner)

    Works really great, like all your other tools. Great job

  2. zmashine

    Неоднократно покупал у Hikari анлок на Sharp-ы. Никогда проблем не было. Спасибо.

  3. Danyang Song (verified owner)

    Works like a champ! it’s completely automated and safe, I trust you experts, very nice. My device is Nokia 8.1 global, after a stock system flashing the unlocked status stays.

  4. Matthew Campbell-Codner (verified owner)

    I’ve been waiting months to do the bootloader unlock, every time I have dealt with Hikari Calyx, I have had nothing but great service and patience, and he’s very informative and helpful, so easy and simple even a non I.T or mobile specialist could perform the bootloader unlock. Very happy with the service I received here and will highly recommend to anyone

  5. Daniel Nunes (verified owner)

    Everything worked great. It felt fast and safe. Thank you, Hikari.

  6. Carlos Montes (verified owner)

    Esta herramienta es genial, bastante rápida si tienes coordinación con Hikari, realmente recomiendo mucho el servicio, muy buen soporte.


    This tool is great, quite fast if you have coordination with Hikari, I really highly recommend the service, very good support.

  7. Devadasan Govender (verified owner)

    Very fast service with great support

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