FDP Repair for 0x0008 Security-based Nokia Phones

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Especially for Nokia 3.1 Plus. Fix issue “Your device is corrupt. It can’t be trusted and please contact support. Please check lock status” “Your device is corrupt. It can’t be trusted and will not boot. “

If you owns Nokia 3.1 Plus TA-1117 or TA-1118, we can fix your IMEI and SN as well.



Before you request this service, you must join our Telegram Group https://t.me/HikariCalyxFIH . More details will be explained privately.

Why this would happen on Nokia 3.1 Plus?

It’s most likely because you attempted to use SP Flash Tool to flash the phone with Format+Download or Firmware Upgrade option, which is strictly forbidden on Nokia 3.1 Plus ROO.
However, on Nokia 3.1 Plus and other 0x0008 Security based phones, there’s a critical partition called fdp, which I assume is related to remote device lockoff in case the phone is stolen. The fdp partition contains signature and certification that only for your device, so you can’t simply write another one from other devices.

To make matters worse, if you chose “Format+Download” without hesitating, you have also erased the critical partitions that related to IMEI – in other words, these partitions are proinfo, nvram, nvcfg, protect1, protect2. If these partitions are damaged, your IMEI will be lost and you can’t restore them.

What’s the point of this service?

This service will regenerate FDP partition for your phone to make your phone bootable.
That’s it.

For Nokia 3.1 Plus bought from China (TA-1117, a.k.a. ROC), we can also try to repair IMEI/MEID/SN for you, but you must provide your actual IMEI/MEID/SN that originally pasted on the box or the back of the phone. 

May 2nd 2020 UPDATE: Thanks to Simranjeet Singh’s help, I can now process Indian Version Nokia 3.1 Plus (TA-1118, a.k.a. ROI) as well! Unfortunately, IMEI of other versions of Nokia 3.1 Plus can’t be repaired yet.

Your original IMEI is written on SIM slot and your Serial Number is printed on the motherboard.

How to prevent this issue?

AVOID USING SP FLASH TOOL FOR FLASHING THE PHONE, UNLESS YOU’RE TOLD TO USE. Even if you have to use SP Flash Tool, always use “Download only” option. If you want to reinstall stock firmware, please request bootloader unlock and use Generic Flashing Script for MediaTek A/B devices, this will completely avoid the issue even if you’re going to downgrade your phone.
In case you really want to take risk of messing up the phone, full eMMC backup is required. Guide is written in XDA-Developers Nokia X5 forum.

So, in case if you damaged FDP again, you can use your own FDP backup to restore it.

It’s too expensive. Any other solution?

If your phone doesn’t have any physical damage, just hand over the phone to your customer care with your warranty card, and they will replace you a new one for free.
As FDP backup is only meant for your own phone, we can’t share FDP backup here.

What do I need if I want to request?

Join our Telegram group and please do pretest with NTool:

After passed, I’ll tell you the rest of procedure.

Estimated available time on UTC+8: 09:00 – 22:40

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    My phone dead bricked but hikari calyx bring it back to life I thank him for his hard work

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