Sharp Aquos S3 South Korea Bootloader Unlock SK Telecom HH6


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Hi there!

Now I can provide bootloader unlock after August service via this page.

Keep in mind this is not to generate the unlock key that can be used after August update.

To use bootloader unlock service, I need to remote control your PC and generate an unlock key for you in order to unlock the bootloader and your PC need to have Windows 7 or newer running.
If you don’t have a Windows PC, you can perform it under virtual machine – you needn’t to activate Windows actually.

If you want me to do remote flashing, please do following procedure.

You must contact me on Telegram before paying.

You should use at least Windows Vista Service Pack 2 or newer (including Windows 7 Service Pack 1), and Windows 10 Version 1809 is strongly recommended.

Pay and find me for the remote procedure when you’re ready for everything mentioned above.

Please contact me in Telegram once you paid, and I’ll start the procedure.


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